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The following index will guide you quickly to the page on which a composition is located. 

Marches, or compositions containing marches

A Sousa Celebration ----------------------------  John Philip Sousa - Med.
Crown Imperial----------------------------------- William Walton -- Adv.
London Salute -------------------------------------Philip Lane ------- Med.
Macbeth (Fanfare and March) ----------------- William Walton - Med./Adv.
March for A History of the English-Speaking Peoples  - - William Walton - Med./Adv.
Masquerade Suite  5th movement ------------Johan Halvorsen- Med.
Nun danket alle Gott ---------------------------- Karg-Elert --------- Med./Easy
Outward Bound ---------------------------------- Matthew Curtis -- Med./Adv. 
Orb and Sceptre ---------------------------------- William Walton -- Adv.
Prelude and Fugue (The Spitfire) ------------ William Walton-- Med./Adv.
Ring in the New ---------------------------------  Matthew Curtis -- Med./Adv.
The Spirit of '76 ----------------------------------- Katheryn McCall Noblitt -- Med./Easy

Preludes and Overtures
A Fugal Overture  --------------------------------  Gustav Holst ----  Adv.
A Maritime Overture ---------------------------- Philip Lane-------  Grade 6
A Spa Overture ----------------------------------- Philip Lane-------- Med./Adv.
Agnus Dei, from Mass of the Children------ John Rutter -------- Med./Easy 
Aubade Joyeuse ----------------------------------- Philip Lane -------- Med./Adv.
Capriccio -------------------------------------------  Gustav Holst ----- Med.
Celebration Overture ---------------------------- Philip Lane-------- Grade 5
Distant Land --------------------------------------- John Rutter -------  Med/Easy
Fiesta ------------------------------------------------- Matthew Curtis --Adv.
Gloria Patri, from Magnificat------------------    John Rutter ------- Med./Adv.
Johannesburg Festival Overture --------------  William Walton -- Adv. 
Major Barbara -------------------------------------  William Walton -- Adv.
Orb and Sceptre ----------------------------------  William Walton -- Adv.
Prologo e Fantasia -------------------------------  William Walton -- Adv.
Portsmouth Point --------------------------------  William Walton -- Adv.
Psalm 150 ------------------------------------------   John Rutter ------- Med/Adv.
Prelude: 49th Parallel ---------------------------- Ralph Vaughan Williams
Prelude and Fugue (The Spitfire) ------------- William Walton -- Adv.
Prelude and Fugue in C Minor ---------------- Ralph Vaughan Williams -- Adv.  
Prelude to Richard III ---------------------------- William Walton-- Med./Adv.
Prologo e Fantasia -------------------------------- William Walton -- Adv.
Rejoice, the Lord is King ------------------------  John Rutter ------- Easy
Ring in the New ----------------------------------  Matthew Curtis -- Med./Adv.
Rondo in E-Flat -----------------------------------  John Bull ----------- Med./Easy
Scapino, A Comedy Overture -----------------  William Walton -- Adv.
Te Deum -------------------------------------------- John Rutter -------- Med.
Three Sisters, Music for the Film ------------- William Walton --  Med.
Toccata, from Symphony No. 5 ---------------  Charles-Marie Widor -- Adv.

CARIAD, a Medley of six Welsh folksongs --- Gareth Glyn ---- Med/Adv
Cotswold Dances, 5 movements ----------------Philip Lane------- Grade 4 to 6
Four Welsh Dances, 4 movements -------------Alun Hoddinott-- Adv. 
Investiture Dances, 3 movements --------------Alun Hoddinott-- Med./Adv. 
Lyric Dances, 5 movements --------------------- Philip Lane------- Med./Adv.
Suite of Cotswold Folkdances, 6 movements- Philip Lane ------ Grade 5 
Wassail Dances, 3 movements ------------------ Philip Lane------  Grade 6

Amsterdam Suite, 3 movements --------------  Matthew Curtis -- Adv.
Anglesey Seascapes, 5 movements -----------  Gareth Glyn ------  Med.
Behold, Go Forth and Be Joyful!, 3 mvmts. - John Rutter -------- Adv. 
Birthday Madrigals, 3 movements ------------ John Rutter -------- Med.
British Isles Medley ------------------------------  Paul Leddington Wright -- Med.
Diversions on a Theme of Paganini , 8 mvmts.- Philip Lane ---  Adv.
England's Pleasant Land , 2 movements----- Ralph Vaughan Williams - - Easy
English Dance Suite, 7 movements------------ John Gardner ---- Easy to Adv.
Feel the Spirit, 7 movements-------------------- John Rutter ------  Med./Adv.
Five Variants of Dives and Lazarus -----------Ralph Vaughan Williams - - Med./Adv.
Five Orchestral Meditations -------------------- John Rutter -------   Med./Easy
Gloria, 3 movements------------------------------ John Rutter ------    Adv.
Legend of the Lake, 5 movements--------------Gareth Glyn ------- Varied
Magnificat , 7 movements ----------------------- John Rutter --------  Med to Adv.
Mass of the Children, 5 movements ---------- John Rutter --------  Med.
Masquerade Suite, 5 movements -------------- Johan Halvorsen-  Grade 6
Music for Children, 10 short mvmts. --------- William Walton --  Easy to Med. Adv.
Partita, 3 movements ----------------------------- John Rutter  ------   Med./Adv. to Adv.
Requiem, 7 movements -------------------------- John Rutter -------  Med. to Adv.  
Shakespeare Suite, 6 movements -------------- William Walton --  Med./Easy to Med./Adv. 
Suite Antique, 6 movements -------------------  John Rutter --------  Med. to Adv.
Suite from "Facade - An Entertainment", 8 mvmts. - William Walton - Adv. 
Suite from 'Henry V', 5 movements ----------  William Walton --  Med./Easy to Adv.
The Gift of Life, 6 movements -----------------  John Rutter ---         Med./Easy to Adv.
Three Portraits from 'The England of Elizabeth - -  Ralph Vaughan Williams  - - Med./Adv. 
VISIONS, 4 movements -------------------------  John Rutter ----        Med.
When Icicles Hang, 6 movements ------------  John Rutter ----        Med/Adv

Brass Band

To every thing there is a season (Cornet solo)-  John Rutter -  Med./Easy

A Carol Symphony -------------------------------    Victor Hely-Hutchinson --- Med. to Adv.
A Child is Born in Bethlehem (Carols for Choirs) David Willcocks - Easy
A John Rutter Christmas I - Carols-----------    John Rutter ----   Med./Adv
A John Rutter Christmas II - Merry Christmas John Rutter ----   Med./Adv.
A John Rutter Christmas III - Rejoice!---------    John Rutter ----   Med.
A John Rutter Christmas IV - Sing-Along----    John Rutter ----   Med.
A John Rutter Christmas V - The Story-------     John Rutter ----  Med.
All bells in paradise -------------------------------    John Rutter ----   Easy
All Creatures of our God and King - (Easter)   John Rutter ----  Med./Easy
All things bright and beautiful -----------------    John Rutter  ----   Easy
And there were shepherds (Carols for Choirs) David Willcocks - Easy
Angels' Carol ----------------------------------------   John Rutter ---- Med./Easy
Angelus ad virginem (Carols for Choirs) ----    David Willcocks - Med.
Another Night Before Christmas ---------------   Philip Lane-----  Med./Adv.
As with gladness (Carols for Choirs) ----------   David Willcocks - Easy
Away in a manger (Carols for Choirs)---------  David Willcocks - - Very Easy
Bethlehem Down -----------------------------------   Peter Warlock--  Easy
Birthday Carol (Carols for Choirs)--------------  David Willcocks -- Med.
Blessed be that maid Mary (Carol for Choirs)- David Willcocks - Easy
Carol Fantasia (medley for band) ---------------  John Fox --------  Med.
Child in a Manger (Carols for Choirs) --------   John Rutter ----- Easy
Christ is the morning star ------------------------   John Rutter -----  Easy
Christmas Lullaby ----------------------------------  John Rutter -----  Easy
Christmas Night (Carols for Choirs) ----------   John Rutter -----  Easy
Come, thou Redeemer of the earth (Carols for Choirs) David Willcocks - Easy
Deck the Hall (Carols for Choirs) ---------------  David Willcocks - Med/Easy
Deck the Hall ----------------------------------------   John Rutter -----  Med./Easy
Ding dong! Merrily on high (Carols for Choirs) David Willcocks - Med.
Ding dong! Merrily on high ----------------------  Stuart Nicholson/John Rutter - - Med.
Donkey Carol (Carols for Choirs)---------------  John Rutter -----  Med.
Dormi, Jesu ------------------------------------------   John Rutter -----  Easy
Down in Yon Forest (Carols for Choirs)------   John Rutter -----Med/Easy
Esta noche --------------------------------------------  John Rutter ------  Med.
Gabriel's Message (Carols for Choirs) ---------  David Willcocks - Easy
God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen (Carols for Choirs) David Willcocks Easy
Good King Wenceslas (Carols for Choirs) ---  David Willcocks - Easy
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (Carols for Choirs) David Willcocks - Easy
Here We Come A-Wassailing (Carols for Choirs) John Rutter -  Med.
How far is it to Bethlehem? (Carols for Choirs) David Willcocks-Very Easy
How great our Joy! ---------------------------------   John Rutter -----  Easy
I saw three ships (Carols for Choirs)----------    John Rutter -----  Med./Easy
I wish you Christmas ------------------------------   John Rutter -----  Med./Easy
Il Est Né, Le Divin Enfant (Carols for Choirs)- David Willcocks - Easy
In Dulci Jubilo (Carols for Choirs)--------------   John Rutter -----  Med.
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear (Carols for Choirs) David Willcocks - Easy
Jesus Child (Carols for Choirs)------------------   John Rutter  ----- Med./Easy 
Jingle, Bells (Carols for Choirs)-----------------    David Willcocks -- Med./Easy
Joy to the World! (Carols for Choirs)----------    arr. John Rutter-- Med.
Lo! he comes with clouds descending ---------  John Rutter   ----- Easy
Lo! he comes with clouds descending (Carols for Choirs) David Willcocks - Easy
Look at the world -----------------------------------  John Rutter  -----  Easy
Lord, thou hast been our refuge ----------------   John Rutter  -----  Med.
Love came down at Christmas ------------------   John Rutter  -----  Easy
Magical Kingdom -----------------------------------  John Rutter ------ Med./Easy
Mary's Lullaby (Carols for Choirs)--------------  John Rutter ------  Easy
Masters in this hall (Carols for Choirs) --------  David Willcocks --Med.
Most glorious Lord of life ------------------------   John Rutter  -----   Med.
Nativity Carol (Carols for Choirs)--------------   John Rutter  -----  Easy
New Year(Carols for Choirs) --------------------   John Rutter ------  Easy
Nöel Nouvelet (Carols for Choirs) -------------  John Rutter --------Easy 
O Come, All Ye Faithful (Carols for Choirs) -  David Willcocks- Easy
O Come, O Come Emmanuel (Carols for Choirs) David Willcocks - Easy
Of the Father's Heart Begotten (Carols for Choirs) David Willcocks-Easy
Old Christmas Music ------------------------------   Philip Lane ------  Med.
Once in Royal David's City (Carols for Choirs) David Willcocks - Easy
Overture on French Carols -----------------------   Philip Lane------  Med./Adv.
Past Three A Clock (Carols for Choirs) -------  John Rutter ------- Med.
Quelle est cette odeur agreable? (Carols for Choirs) David Willcocks  Very Easy
Quittez, Pasteurs (Carols for Choirs)------------ John Rutter------ Med/Easy
Rejoice and be merry-------------------------------   John Rutter -----  Med.
Rejoice and sing! ------------------------------------   John Rutter -----  Med.
Resonemus Laudibus (Carols for Choirs) ----  David Willcocks - Med/Adv
Sans Day Carol (Carols for Choirs)-------------  John Rutter ------  Med./Easy
See Amid the Winter's Snow (Carols for Choirs) David Willcocks - Easy
Shepherd's Pipe Carol (Carols for Choirs)----  John Rutter -----  Med. 
Silent Night (Carols for Choirs)-----------------   David Willcocks - Easy
Sine Nomine (For all the saints)-----------------  Ralph Vaughan Williams--Easy
Star Carol (Carols for Choirs)--------------------   John Rutter -----  Med. 
Sussex Carol (Carols for Choirs) ----------------  David Willcocks - Med./Easy
The Cherry Tree Carol (Carols for Choirs)----  David Willcocks- Easy
The Colours of Christmas-------------------------   John Rutter  ----  Med./Easy 
The First Nowell (Carols for Choirs)-----------   David Willcocks - Easy
The Night Before Christmas ----------------------  Philip Lane-----  Med./Adv.
The Twelve Days of Christmas (Carols for Choirs)John Rutter- Med
There is a Flower (Carols for Choirs) -----------  John Rutter ----   Easy
The very best time of year
Three Christmas Pictures --------------------------  Philip Lane-----  Med.
Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day  ---------   John Rutter -----  Med./Easy 
Unto us is born a son (Carols for Choirs) -----   David Willcocks - Easy
Wassail Dances, 3 movements --------------------  Philip Lane-----   Grade 6
We wish you a merry Christmas -----------------  John Rutter -----  Med./Easy
What child is this? (Carols for Choirs) ----------  David Willcocks - Easy 
What Sweeter Music  -------------------------------- John Rutter ------  Med./Easy
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks (Carols for Choirs) David Willcocks- Easy
Zion hears the Watchmen's Voices (Carols for Choirs) John Rutter ---- Easy

Combined Band and Chorus (may also be performed by Band alone)
All bells in paradise --------------------------------  John Rutter -------  Easy
A Gaelic Blessing -----------------------------------   John Rutter  ------  Easy
Agnus Dei, from Mass of the Children --------  John Rutter  ------  Med./Easy
Angels' Carol  ----------------------------------------  John Rutter   -----  Med./Easy
Birthday Carol  --------------------------------------- Sir David Willcocks  -- Med.
Birthday Madrigals 1. It was a lover and his lass John Rutter ---  Med.
Birthday Madrigals 3. Come live with me ----- John Rutter ------  Med.
Birthday Madrigals 5.  When daisies pied ----- John Ruter -------  Med.
Christmas Lullaby ----------------------------------- John Rutter ------  Easy
Christmas Night ------------------------------------- John Rutter -------  Easy
Deck the Hall ----------------------------------------- John Rutter ------  Med./Easy
Deep River --------------------------------------------  John Rutter -----   Med/Easy
Distant Land  -----------------------------------------  John Rutter  ------  Med./Easy
Ding dong! Merrily on high ----------------------  Stuart Nicholson/John Rutter - - Med. 
Donkey Carol ----------------------------------------- John Rutter -------  Med.
Down by the riverside ------------------------------ John Rutter -------  Med.
Esta noche ---------------------------------------------  John Rutter -------  Med.
Ev'ry time I feel the spirit -------------------------- John Rutter -------  Med./Adv.
Feel the Spirit, 7 movements ---------------------- John Rutter -------  Med./Adv.
Finale, from Mass of the Children --------------  John Rutter -------  Med./Easy
Gloria, from Mass of the Children --------------  John Rutter -------  Med.
I got a robe --------------------------------------------  John Rutter -------  Med.
I saw three ships -------------------------------------  John Rutter -------  Med./Easy
I was glad when they said unto me -------------  Hastings Parry --  Med.
In Dulci Jubilo ----------------------------------------  John Rutter ------- Med.
I will sing with the spirit --------------------------  John Rutter -------- Med.
Jerusalem ----------------------------------------------  Hastings Parry - - Med/Easy
Jesus Child --------------------------------------------  John Rutter -------  Med./Easy
Jingle, Bells  -------------------------------------------  Sir David Willcocks -- Med./Easy 
Joshua fit the battle of Jericho --------------------  John Rutter -------   Med./Adv.
Joy to the World! ------------------------------------- arr. John Rutter --  Med.
Kyrie, from Mass of the Children ---------------  John Rutter -------  Med./Easy
Magical Kingdom -----------------------------------  John Rutter  ------- Med./Easy
Mass of the Children (complete) ----------------  John Rutter  -------  Med. - M/E
Look to the Day --------------------------------------  John Rutter -------  Med./Easy
New Year ----------------------------------------------  John Rutter  ------   Easy
Now thank we all our God -----------------------  John Rutter  ------   Med./Easy
O Clap Your Hands ---------------------------------- John Rutter -------  Med.
O God, our help in ages past ---------------------- John Rutter ------- Easy (Fanfare med.)
Quelle est cette odeur agreable ------------------- Sir David Willcocks - Very Easy
Psalm 150 ----------------------------------------------  John Rutter ------  Med/Adv.
Rejoice and be merry -------------------------------- John Rutter -------  Med.
Rejoice, the Lord is King --------------------------- John Rutter ------- Easy
Requiem, 7 movements ----------------------------  John Rutter ------- Med. to Adv.
Sanctus and Benedictus, from Mass of the Children - John Rutter - - Med.
Sans Day Carol ---------------------------------------- John Rutter  ------ Med./Easy 
Shepherd's Pipe Carol ------------------------------- John Rutter  ------ Med. 
Sine Nomine (For all the saints) ----------------- Ralph Vaughan Williams -- Easy
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child -------- John Rutter  ------ Med. 
Star Carol ----------------------------------------------- John Rutter  ------  Med. 
Steal away ---------------------------------------------- John Rutter ------  Med./Easy
Te Deum ------------------------------------------------ John Rutter ------  Med.
The Colours of Christmas -------------------------  John Rutter --------Med./Easy
The Gift of Life ---------------------------------------  John Rutter ------- Med./Easy to Adv.
The very best time of year -------------------------  John Rutter ------- Med./Easy
This is the Day ---------------------------------------- John Rutter --------Med./Easy
To every thing there is a season ------------------ John Rutter ------- Med/Easy
Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day  ---------- John Rutter --------Med/Easy
Toward the Unknown Region -------------------- R. Vaughan Williams  Med/Adv *Band and Chorus
We wish you a merry Christmas ----------------- John Rutter --------Med.
Wells Jubilate -----------------------------------------  John Rutter -------Med./Easy
What Sweeter Music  -------------------------------- John Rutter -------  Med./Easy 
When the saints go marching in ------------------ John Rutter ------- Med./Adv.

A Child's Garden of Verses, Soprano Solo ----- Robert Jager ------  Med/Adv.
Amsterdam Suite, 2nd mvmt., Alto Saxophone - Matthew Curtis - Med.
Caramba, Optional Piano Solo w/Band--------- William Blezard -- Adv.
Divertissement (Clarinet) -------------------------- Philip Lane -------- Med./Adv.
Concerto for Trumpet and Band ----------------- Gareth Glyn ------- Adv.
Esta noche -(Optional Trumpet Solo w/Band)  John Rutter -------- Med.
Lord, thou hast been our refuge --Tpt. Solo --- John Rutter -------- Med
Requiem, 2nd mvmt. Bsn. or Cello Solo-------- John Rutter -------- Adv.
Requiem, 6th mvmt. Oboe ------------------------ John Rutter -------- Med. Adv.
Suite Antique, 6 mvmts., Flute Solo ------------- John Rutter  ------- Med to Adv.
Three Spanish Dances (Oboe solo) ---------------Philip Lane---------  Med./Adv.
To every thing there is a season (Trumpet)---- John Rutter --------- Med/Easy
To every thing there is a season (Cornet solo w/Brass Band) - John Rutter - Med./easy
VISIONS, 4 mvmts., Flute Solo ------------------  John Rutter  -------- Med. to  Adv

Caramba! ----------------------------------------------  William Blezard----  Adv.
Esta noche (Soprano solo w/chorus or Tpt. Solo) John Rutter --------  Med.
Holiday Mood ---------------------------------------   Matthew Curtis ----  Adv.
I will sing with the spirit --------------------------   John Rutter ---------  Med.
Three Spanish Dances(Oboe solo)---------------- Philip Lane ----------  Med./Adv.

The Barber of Seville Goes to the Devil--------- Gordon Jacob --------  Med./Adv.
The First Shoot ----------------------------------------William Walton -----  Adv.

Saxophone Quintet
Arietta, from Masquerade Suite ------------------  Johan Halvorsen----  Med./Easy
Old Christmas Music -------------------------------   Philip Lane  ---------   Med.

Guide to Easier Compositions or stand-alone movements
A Gaelic Blessing --------------------------------------- John Rutter ---------- Easy
All bells in paradise -----------------------------------  John Rutter ---------- Easy
Bethlehem Down----------------------------------------Peter Warlock-------- Easy
Christ is the morning star ---------------------------- John Rutteer     ------  Easy
Christmas Lullaby ------------------------------------- John Rutter ----------- Easy
Christmas Night --------------------------------------- John Rutter -----------  Easy
Distant Land--------------------------------------------- John Rutter ----------- Med./Easy
Dormi, Jesu ---------------------------------------------- John Rutter ----------- Easy
Five Orchestral Meditations-------------------------- John Rutter ----------- Med./Easy
How great our Joy! ------------------------------------  John Rutter  ----------  Easy
I wish you Christmas ---------------------------------  John Rutter ----------- Med./Easy
Jingle,Bells  ----------------------------------------------  Sir David Willcocks -- Med./Easy
Lo! he comes with clouds descending ------------  John Rutter ----------  Easy
Look to the Day-----------------------------------------  John Rutter ----------  Med./Easy
Lyric Dances, 4th movement ------------------------  Philip Lane ----------  Med./Easy
Masquerade Suite, 3rd movement-----------------   Johan Halvorsen ---- Med./Easy
Mary's Lullaby -----------------------------------------   John Rutter  ---------- Easy
New Year ------------------------------------------------   John Rutter ----------- Easy 
Quelle est cette odeur agreable?--------------------   Sir David Willcocks --Very Easy
A Shakespeare Suite, 3rd movement -------------   William Walton ------ Med./Easy 
A Shakespeare Suite, 5th movement -------------   William Walton ------ Med./Easy
Rejoice, the Lord is King ----------------------------   John Rutter ------------ Easy
Remembrance, from Legend of the Lake -------    Gareth Glyn ---------- Med./Easy
Sine Nomine (For all the saints) ------------------    Ralph Vaughan Williams - - Easy
Spirit of the Lake, from Legend of the Lake ---    Gareth Glyn ---------- Med./Easy
Suite of Cotswold Folkdances, 2nd movement -  Philip Lane ------------ Easy
Suite of Cotswold Folkdances, 5th movement --  Philip Lane ------------ Easy
The Colours of Christmas----------------------------   John Rutter ------------ Med./Easy 
Three Christmas Pictures, 2nd movement ------   Philip Lane ------------ Easy
To every thing there is a season --------------------  John Rutter ------------ Med/Easy
To every thing there is a season (Cornet solo w/Brass Band) - John Rutter - Med./Easy
Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day-------------  John Rutter------------ Med./Easy
Wassail Dances, 2nd movement -------------------- Philip Lane-------------Med./Easy
What Sweeter Music------------------------------------ John Rutter ------------ Med./Easy
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